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My name is Ayman Raafat Elgendy , graduated and got My PH.D from Faculty of applied arts , Digital media , Photography , Cinema and Broadcasting  Specialist , immersed all my Power and thoughts in the field of visual effects and 3d compositing with digital video in TV commercials and my Master degree was in Digital media Compositing and Effects in TV commercials and my PH.D was in digital media High Quality image Control in Television advertising 


I'm  alive to learn what can help you.. then simplify it to reach you :)

Digital Media Consultant

Dr. Ayman R. Elgendy

& My Methodology.. 
is to affect on your
psychology with my technology ;)



   Iam Working Now as a Lecturer at GUC " German university in Cairo " , faculty of applied arts and science ,media department and I was also an Assist Professor at CIC " Canadian International College in faculty of Mass Communication part of Ottawa Univeristy in canada Dual education Program for Digital and New media Studies also teaching Broadcasting Technical Training and Multimedia Classes since 2011.

   Also Partner/Director of training at Fusion VFX academy and Owner of Fusion Art labs studios.

   I Have worked for more than 5 years as a Lecturer in MIU "Masr international University", and AAI "Arts Arts Institute" and for more 15 years in Storyboarding , creative directions, Motion graphics and Visual effects for alot of projects like Vodafone , Lipton , sun-silk , nestle and more , with JWT , Y & R team and other advertising agencies .

   I used to qualify my self on my tools Get certified Professional and Certified Instructor to be able to offer Certified training on them too , so i got the certified pro and Certified  Instructor License, to teach these technology bringing out the right tools with the correct workflow in the field of video, animations, effects, and 3D Design .


    I have traveled Germany , Italy , France , Holand , United kingdom , Japan .. etc  learning and collecting as much Knowledge and Certificates as much as I can , attending Conferences and Events , updating my self with whats new , making connections and Authorizations deals with media technology Holders and providers، aiming on spreading these knowledge to all people who searching for it in all the world starting from my country Egypt.

     And at this begining not the End ; I got My PHD in High Quality Digital media Controls with my Apple Certifed Professional and trainer Certificate for Final cut Pro,

     Autodesk Certifed 3Ds Max Instructor , Chos Group V-Ray Certified Professional ,Autodesk 3Ds Max Certified Professional ,Autodesk Authorized Instructor , 

     Adobe Video Specialist and certifed Expert and Certified Instructor for Photoshop, premiere and After Effects ,

     ToonBoom certified instructor for Harmony and Animate Pro ,

     Maxon Certifed Trainer for Cinema 4D and E-on Vue Certifed Instructor for Vue Xstream Creating digital nature Environement .


     Fellowship and member of Learning and Performance Institute in London UK after getting LPI institute certified training practitioner in 2011,

Also gained some Certified training courses like

- Branding and Advertising from University of East Anglia - UEA in UK 

- Apple T3 Final Cut Pro at Apple inc - London UK

- Adobe train the trainer from Future Media Learning at Adobe inc - Tokyo - JAPAN

- DW Media Production from DW Academie at DW - Bonn Germany 


    And as much hard it was but still going on , tasting the beauty of integration between Media technology tools and theories to produce a significent piece of art using them all which makes you create whatever you can think off and imagine.

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